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Urea Solution

Urea Solution is an environment-friendly catalyst product that reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx), a cause for air pollution, and is used in vehicles equipped with diesel engines in a process called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR).

It is a “catalyst” used in reduction devices in order to reduce vehicle gas emission based on the Air Environmental Conservation Act and according to the International Standard ISO 22241dp, it is required to maintain aqueous solution of 11 degrees below zero temperature and of approximately 32.5% nontoxic, colorless and odorless element content.
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EUROX is an independently developed brand produced by LOTTE Fine Chemical, and is an aqueous urea solution responsible for acting as a catalytic reduction method to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx). LOTTE Fine Chemical uses high quality materials through a complex production process, quality management process, and an examination process to produce world-class level of EUROX vehicles and ships.

Certified Product by Ministry of Environment, Certified Product by AdBlue

B.I(Brand Identity)

In Europe, the acceptable standards of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emission from vehicles have been strengthened gradationally and are currently in act, and Korea is also applying the similar standards as in Europe and are strengthening the emission controls.

LOTTE Fine Chemical’ EUROX is a high quality urea solution that applies the environmental standards and is a partner of clean environment.